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Teal Brand 10cm Barrel Extension, For 12g 51mm Choke Guns


Simply choose top or bottom thread.



Easy to fit 10cm 12g Barrel Extension,  just unscrew choke, screw in extension and fit choke back into extension

Teal Brand

Suitable for almost any gun that uses 51mm mobile chokes.

Some brands that use this style are as below

Armsan, ATA Arms, Balikli, Baikal, Bora, BSA, Charles Daly, Derya, Fabarm, Hatsan, Huglu, Hunt Group, Husan, Kofs, Makarov, Mossberg, Remington, Sarriugarte, Sarsilmaz, Stoeger, Torun, Typhoon, Utas, Uzkon, Webley & Scott


Additional information

Weight .6 kg
Thread Location

Top, Bottom


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